Friday, March 8, 2024

Absence of the middleman.. (Lisa Cairns)


There are many spiritual teachings that emphasize changing and improving the life circumstance by emptying yourself of conditioning, or not resisting life and “doing” something about changing that life. That is not what I am saying.
I am pointing to the absence of that self. It isn't about continuous pleasure or a continued state. It's about the absence of that lie. When that lie goes, it is just life as it is, and it is no longer a struggle anymore for a somebody. There may be difficult events that arise or pleasurable events, but there is no longer anybody inside the body anymore. There is just life happening, and the character appearing when the character needs to appear. But it is no longer living “through” that character anymore.
If you knew what I was talking about, you wouldn't want this. What you want, even though you can't possibly know it, is a more pleasurable life. You wouldn't want the end of you.
It's not at all like how you imagine. It's full-on living and there is no escape. The “me” is always escaping and dreaming, and making up better stories, and retelling the story to make it sound better. This is the absence of that person, the absence of the middleman.
It’s full-on touching the computer and full-on touching the radiator. It's full-on coldness or hotness or happiness or sadness. It's full-on experiencing without a barrier anymore. The difference is that there isn't anybody that cares about it anymore in order to be happy. There isn't anyone who needs a certain experience.
It's absolute freedom, but not in any way that you can imagine.
---Lisa Cairns, from her book, "For the Love of Everything"

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