Tuesday, August 29, 2023



Are named as 

The distortions in life..

That which keeps what

Is pure and happy

Under wraps..

"Hoe the weeds" is

Presented as fixer

Of lives entangled

With sinful weeds..

Hoe without ceasing

Die if need be

To find the lost glow..

Yet the secret all along

Has been that the 

Weeds and the hoe and

That daffodil over there

Already glow...

(Now..excuse pls

Gotta go hoe..)

Lessons I Learned in My Garden

             by      Jerome Goodley

Sins are like weeds:

·       There is never only one.

·       They grow anywhere.

·       There are more than we think once we start to look and pull them out.

·       Some need continual removal; some can be removed once and for all.

·       They are removed easiest when small and new, some have taproots that grow deeply very quickly.

·       Only with careful observation do we see how many there are.

·       Some hide under wanted plants or in what we think of as good; grow, among favorite things and entangle their roots.

·       Ignoring them allows them to flourish.

·       Some stay in one location, some spread (some slowly, other quickly).

·       Some broadcast seeds and get into everything.

·       Some have deep roots, some shallow roots, some, when a part is removed, die.  Some must be removed entirely or they will emerge again.

·       Only constant tending will keep them under control.

·       There are always the ones we overlook.

·       By diligent attention to weeding, the ones remaining become more obvious.

·       They are everywhere, even in the most carefully of tended places.

·       Looking away does not negate them.

·       Some have deep roots and little showing above; some have great show above and shallow roots.

              I wondered why I weeded my garden.  Am I accepting others aesthetics of what a garden should look like?  Does it really please me to see all the weeds gone?  Then I understood.  In my life there are people and situations that I cannot avoid or do not like and that there is little I can do about them.  However, I can pull out a weed, or many weeds, and get rid of them, which I could not do with situations, and certainly not with people. 

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