Thursday, January 26, 2023

Presence..(Leonard Jacobson)


Joan Tollifson

Beautiful words from a book by Leonard Jacobson:

Now, very few people are willing to accept the present moment as it is. They’re looking for the big bang. They want to be enlightened. They want bliss and ecstasy. But all of that is driven by the ego, which is never satisfied with the way things are and is always wanting more. To be truly awakened is actually very ordinary. It just means that you are here as the trees are here. You’re here as the flowers are here. That’s all it is. You’re here, rather than lost in a world of not here. As you relax and deepen into the present moment, no matter how ordinary it appears to be, then slowly and gently the deeper levels of Presence will open up. The hidden treasures will be revealed. You can’t hold on to anything. You can’t seek anything. All you can do is relax into the present moment and accept the present moment as it is. Honor the present moment as the truth of life and the doorway to God, and it will reveal its hidden treasures…

God cannot be known with the mind. God cannot be understood or defined. The best that the mind can do is believe in God. But to believe in God is a very poor substitute for knowing God through your own direct experience. And once you know, there is no need for belief. 

For me, God is the silent Presence at the very heart of all things present. God is real. God is here now. But we are not. We have become absorbed into the past and future world of the mind. If you want to experience the living Presence of God in all things present, you will have to come to where God is. You will have to come out of the mind and become present. When we become fully present, we will begin to sense the Presence that is in everything. This Presence is what I mean by God, and it is reflected in the expression, “God is omnipresent.”

— Leonard Jacobson, from his book Liberating Jesus: What Would Jesus Say If He Returned Today?

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