Friday, October 21, 2022

Knowing is story...


Knowing, like not knowing, is a story. There is always only story unfolding. The "separate self" is the belief that the story is totally real, therefor the knowing is totally real. It is the very belief/certainty that "I" know. The brain who's perspective has shifted sees that it's all a story, yet realer than real, and that the apparent knowing isn't truly that. It sees that that apparent knowing is like a storybook or movie character knowing....does that character REALLY know? This isn't the end of knowing where I live or knowing that fire burns, it's just somehow seen that there is always only story and it's the only place that we exist, we are it, and knowing is simply part of the story, the story that contains no actual autonomous entity or owner.

~~Antonia Lovejoy

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