Wednesday, September 14, 2022

"" Wondrous Pseudoreality""


"Wondrous Pseudoreality"

So many people come to the realization that self is a mental fabrication. Very very few realize that there are no things or non things.

And unfortunately I know several people who have come to the realization that there is no self and walk around saying that they don't exist. They have no opinions or beliefs and are simply non-people now.
There was a beautiful Sage who wrote a post saying
"I remember the days when I used to be a person and I had friends etc."
And all I could say is that after the shift is the only time I ever got real friends real intimacy.
She said friends are people you hang out with and talk late into the night and tell your deepest hopes and fears to and dreams about the future
And I said 'I never had friends like that'
And yet many many people love her and I love her writing as well, but I can hear so many people saying oh I can't wait until I am no longer a self
Until I have no friends
Until there is no desire
Until I can spend a year in absolute silence...
All of this perpetuates the common misunderstanding that enlightenment means that you escape or leave your beautiful humanness. That you will never feel pain or sorrow or joy or love again. All feelings continue somewhat as they did before except they are felt truly deeply because they're not happening to anyone. Also there's no urge or desire at all to reign them in
to label them
to figure out why they're there
to try to change them or erase them.
You find that life is embracing you as you are embracing it. Infinitely wondrously intimate always.
It's like you are the knowing that you exist only as a dream character in this dream life in this wondrous pseudoreality where love and beauty flourish.

~~Nancy Neithercut

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