Thursday, June 23, 2022



"Even if I were to procure just one more moment of genuine happiness, that would still be one more than nothing. Perhaps the mere fact that we are cognizant of anything at all is reason enough to celebrate life. How many other combinations of matter can do what we can? What other molecular entity possesses the capacity to laugh; to love; to ponder its own existence; to appreciate works of music, art, literature; to aspire, to hope, to dream? Even if it should turn out that we are just spiritless atoms cavorting in the void, we are still matter's paramount form, the height of its complexity, its crème de la crème—nature's chosen macromolecules. Besides, even if it should turn out that what we call happiness is nothing more than the manifestation of strictly physiological processes, do we experience it any less? Whether I'm mortal or immortal, a spiritual entity or a spiritless organic machine, are these not my experiences? Either way, am I any less me? Moreover, the mere fact that I can never know what each next moment will bring means that, as mechanical, as life might be, mine remains a wondrous and beautiful mystery."

Alper, Matthew. "God" Part of the Brain: A Scientific Interpretation of Human Spirituality and God . Sourcebooks. Kindle Edition.  (Michael Markham FB posting.)

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