Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Everything appearing as nothing..

Everything appearing as nothing..

Obviously the reverse of

Nothing appearing as everything..

In their turn

Each seems to propose a source..

Language seems to have

Source talk embedded..and cannot

Capture the paradox of what is



Poetry may be the passport...

Nothing is a concept like emptiness. This is an emptiness beyond empty... So vast, so excruciatingly devastatingly ravishingly beautiful that it has no name, as it cannot be captured. This has no edges, it is not an it or non it. It has no essence, yet it permeates all and everything with its obvious beauty... It has no qualities... Yet it is felt deeply... 

It has no words, yet every word sings it.  Beyond imagination yet realer than real, the moon shines with lovers light and weeps at its own radiant majesty.

Pure like untrammeled space, infinite beyond measure.   

A silence so vast, it is all encompassing. The hum of a sigh burning windswept rocks strewn across the desert singe your last heart strings.  Ashes blown across the rippling sands sparkle just so ...the death of emptiness

And she searched for words that would twist the handholds of hearts and minds into weeping shadows... for words that would blow your mind more than a hurricane, and heat your desire more than fire, and soak the edges of your smile more than tears

~~Nancy Neithercut

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