Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Miranda conversation...

Charles Coon

Yes...Language is ineffective, but used anyway. We often hear "not even not-knowing, or not even not-two, which thins the atmosphere, but leaves us in the lighted tent. Infinite regression I think they call it. Separation seemingly rules still. Still the dream. We're stuck in the dream..and this paradoxically is the freedom we are looking for...❤

Michael Markham

We are the dream of thinking we are stuck in it.

Charles Coon

Michael Markham No end to dreaming..

Michael Markham

Charles Coon ....Death is the end of the dream.

Charles Coon

Michael Markham While the dreaming is "taking place" there is no end to the variations, extensions, regressions...Death of the dream is not-knowing, apparently...

Miranda Warren

Charles Yes, that's perfectly expressed, even the seemingly best language only "thins the atmosphere, but leaves us in the lighted tent."

I recall Andreas being asked about oneness and he said "noneness," or Prisha saying that everything said about life was a mental construct and yet even saying that was only another mental construct.

It seems there can only be concepts that unravel concepts, and then others that unravel the unravelers, but it is like that thorn used to remove a thorn and in the end there is still a thorn left. Even if it is "not even knowing or not knowing...etc"

What can seem to happen, though telling this is only another fairy tale, is the mind/brain/thoughtstream seems to short circuit and there are little sparks like electrical wiring catching fire and from then on any words at all are fine as they take their place with the song of the rain on an autumn night when neither songs nor rain nor autumn nights can ever really be found... ❤

Charles Coon

Miranda Warren Wonderfully said..on the "short circuit" you mention, perhaps the "sparks like electrical wiring catching fire" can result from a simple paradox, many of which appear in poetry, or simply not-two/two or the well-worn nothing/everything, which, accomplish the short-circuiting to allow whatever words to keep the fire burning...❤

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