Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Brother's letter. (Miranda Warren)

Letter from my brother (Miranda Warren)

 I find it so odd that many seekers write that life is a nightmare of horrific suffering and only Enlightenment/Liberation/The Shift/Awakening/Whatever will somehow release them from this earthly bondage. It paradoxically sounds like the Christian belief in original sin, with enlightenment the equivalent of salvation.

I have long maintained that most people, apparent people or not, would NOT want "this." My brother has spent time reading and talking about this as he has always had a genuine curiosity about life, and he recently write me this beautiful "defense of the me" so to speak. I would never in a million years wish upon him what happened to "me," as it would truly be his death, as Andreas Müller and others have called it, and his life is beautiful and perfect, no liberation required:
I don’t really know what you are talking about. I am glad I am who I am. I am glad I live in a world where what I do matters, where there are things that are beautiful and things that are terrible, people who do good things and people who do bad things, even if we are all only human. I am glad everything that happens, happens personally, I am glad I will die a little every time my children get hurt and I am glad I will one day lie on my deathbed, hopefully an old man because , dear sis, I do have hopes and dreams and also fears, and on that day I will look back on my life, yes, MY life that I loved, the choices I made and the things I did, and I will die at peace, suffering and all.
You were the one who used to talk of the virtue of suffering, remember, you read that sci fi book? (note: he is referring to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley). You were right. I think you and D (my cousin Danielle, who has also had this “shift”) have lost something that makes us all human, and as much as you seem a blissed out romantic poet it makes me sad you will never know your nephew as yours, never agonize over everything he does and his failures and successes, never have kids of your own, never feel the pain and also the love of our crazy family, never get married and want to die for the one you love and kill anyone who would hurt them, never feel betrayed or loved and honored.
If you could package what you have, I don’t care how fucking blissed out or peaceful, it sounds like Jesus freaks to me blissed out on God, I’d throw it in the deepest ocean and keep it away from people. We are flawed, sometimes tragic and fucked up creatures, but our lives are real, the world is real, and maybe one day before you die, and I mean “you”, you’ll feel it and see it again.
Your real and personal brother……

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