Thursday, July 23, 2020


“When you are given the unspeakable grace, the unbelievable gift, of being able to see, to notice, that what you are thinking is an opinion, or is something by which you identify yourself, the gift of being able to listen to yourself, then stop. Honor the gift by stopping. And let it drop. The opinion. Let it drop. The bit of identity contained in every statement about yourself, every comment involving yourself, every question coming from yourself; let it drop. Let the grace of this moment of catching yourself having an opinion, talking as an “I”; let that grace stop you.”
“Do you want to know how to live life? Be still. Be still means, don’t think. You see? It’s so simple!” ~ Ramesh

“Be still” does not mean to stop moving the body. “Be still” does not mean to try to stop all thinking and feelings from arising. Thoughts and feelings will always arise. “Be still” means letting go of that secondary level of thought; opinion, judgement, commentary. This is what it means to stop.”
If you stop, something amazing happens. The individual stops being involved, stops acting; and amazingly, every Thing continues to happen. Without ‘you’ doing it. Because surprise, you were never doing it.
Try this experiment, if you can. The sense of separate self will panic as you come to the point where you stop doing anything; it may actually prevent you from stopping. But if grace of stopping happens, and there is the experience of watching everything continue to happen, you will never again be able to believe there was ever anyone there doing anything*.

~~Perfect Brilliant Stillness

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