Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Direct Approach

The Self is not to be found as a prize
at the end of a long journey.
It is not produced or created.
It is, in fact, a discovery, a recognition.

There can seem to be obstacles
that block you from this revelation, but these are only
what you give attention and importance to.
It is only a shadow, for these obstacles do not really exist
other than through belief.
You have all the power to discard them and keep your peace.
So to begin, start where you want to finish.
Start at the finishing line, at what is naturally present,
what is already here, at the place where you do not need
to maintain or sustain anything.
There you will discover that which you are searching for
is your own inseparable Self.
~ Mooji 
Thanks to Mooji FB Page

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