Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fractals and Oneness...

Fractals and Oneness

Dear Frannie,

The first thing I would say is that fractals are simply another language to use in speaking of
something you already know:  Our identity (our real Self) as infinite Oneness (Consciousness,
Awareness, God, Love, Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and other synonymous names) in fractal
terms would be represented by the Fractal Formula or Source.  Then we have what is called
the Iteration, which might be understood as the creation, the Big Bang, evolution, or change.
The important thing is that all of the Iterations take place within the Oneness ( I think once
you mention the Fractal Formula, you could start using Oneness, because that is the message
you want to impart!) and more than that: the Iteration is made out of Oneness (There is nothing here but Oneness, God, and that is our real Self!)  So...in awareness of our real Self, we
iterate the apparent world.  However this world is not an object..it should be understood
as simply a "coloration" or "modulation" of our Oneness, and the appearance is what we
see in our conventional way of seeing.    Oneness preserved!

So, you can probably equate this to what you already teach...the iteration can seem to be 
an independent separate-self (ego), which does not recognize the Oneness from which it
iterated, and experiences the intuition that something is missing, the longing, and the
search out in iteration-land for what is missing...not recognizing that we are already
made of the Oneness we are seeking...all this I know you already teach! 

Another thing...Fractals is one of the sciences of Oneness (quantum physics is another).
It is not a linear science, like Newtonian science.  So...since our real Self is that Oneness,
word explanations are deficient in teaching what fractals are.  It is experiential learning
(actually, discovering what we already know!) which results in understanding.  Thus, the
importance of simply watching an animated fractal (see link below, or just enter that in
Google). A person should observe the movement in a relaxed state, (keep the head out
of it, and the heart in!) , hopefully experiencing their Oneness, and taking note that all of 
the movement takes place within you (made of you!)... and there is no independent action
anywhere.  All Oneness!  All a dream? Is the universe one large iteration, iterating from
my Oneness?  When we wake up in the morning, does the Big Bang iteration happen
again?...or does the Big Bang iteration take place every time we blink our eyes?  :)

The above may be a deficient explanation, but it is what iterated out just now!  Actually,
it is deficient because there is too much of an assumption of time..time is just another 
iteration (thought) in Oneness..however, if you need more, I might be able to iterate some more...

With Happiness!  (See u April 8th..)


I have been inspired by God to use fractals when I speak of change, and the pattern of change.
But I am uncertain as to how I can explain this in plain terms to a newbie group on April 8th - all definitions are so complicated.
Do you see a relation between God’s pattern of change in our lives and fractals?
And if so, how would you relate that?

With peace and love,

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