Friday, July 22, 2016

A tribute to Major Richard Cooke (Ret)

A tribute to Major Richard Cooke (Ret)

Marked by military appearance and bearing
he was persistent in serving nation and family..
Stark beginnings introduced the hardships
he was to repeat and endure and survive..
Nurtured in a grandmother's caring love
he stepped forth into a world in flames..
He piloted airplanes of fame with courage
 crafting hard-earned victory and peace..
He observed gallantry and death and 
plunged into a captivity of darkness..
Yet he endured once more earning our
gratitude for his service and his place:
a Great in the Greatest Generation... 

For Greg:
We were most fortunate
to have known your father..
Our sympathy and love..

Charlie and Diane Coon

Our Heroine of Dance

She lived far beyond her time..
A woman who deeply understood
as few appreciated then..perhaps now
the significance and equality 
of All who serve..
Her service placed her Family first
and the fruits of her diligence
have  endured to this day..
Yet this woman in her later years 
bore great suffering with courageous example..
Her physical pain became enveloped by 
joyful satisfaction with her life 
and faith in her Lord..
She was our Heroine of Dance

moving with grace into our hearts...

for Greg's mother...

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