Friday, June 27, 2014

Visions of New Being (Amazon Review)

Amazon Review of:
Visions of New Being
Meditations and Poems
Robin Izer

This is a revelatory and potentially revolutionary book of meditation and poetry..!
The book is essentially a guide, which gently, and sometimes not so gently, assists a reader's awakening to their own inner consciousness or awareness..a crucially necessary evolutionary discovery for persons living in our world today.  Robin Izer, in the powerful brevity of her poetry, shares her "Visions.." of who and what we might (must) become (really already are) as awakened spiritual citizens of the world.  She organizes her words into four sections (gateways actually) as entry points for enlightening our lives. These are:  Seeing,  Practice, Loving, and Earth. The four sections both stand alone and are holographically linked.  All of her poems are intimately experiential for her, connecting her (and our) vision and practice, insight and grounding.  And there are awakening shocks:


The last person
I touched 
before I died
was my killer--
the knife
ripped my flesh
my heart--
my eyes pierced his
and with
soft utter surprise
I whispered
I love you
then effortlessly 
fell into his arms.

A most unusual and transformative book..easily a Five-Star recommendation..!!

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