Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Road

Our Road

Glaucoma had
Covered the earth
And their eyes 
This shadowed matrix..
A Road remained
And a Map
And a Fire within..
They knew now of
A pendulum swing
A vacuum crunch
This black hole..
They had awakened
In their dream..

And with lucidity
Did they recognize
No catastrophe this
Evil was expressed in
This shadowed matrix
Yet born in Light..
Light also issued:
The Road and Map
Each other Entire
Brook trout carrying
A Code of life
Declarations of good
The Mystery..

Thus Our surprise
No catastrophe sudden..
Grounded in life is 
This shadowed matrix..
We might awaken
Knowing at last
Good guys are alive
With hidden Light..
The child found
As each of us must
Love never dies
And in so knowing
Each is the One

With gratitude for
Cormac McCarthy's
The Road

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