Sunday, November 3, 2013



This signpost may point
to the place where joy resides..
A knife edge
 found at daybreak and sunset
with oppositional guides as
not earth and not sky
a superposition science says..
An intention with poise
may find this sacred edge
with exhilaration and healing..
There arguments are stilled
a place of oneness marked
with a glint of light...


“The mystery and possibilities of the space that connects two events has long been honored in the wisdom traditions of our past. Native traditions of North America, for example, state that two times each day the earth enters into precisely such mystical realms. We find one realm immediately after the sun disappears below the horizon, just before the darkness of night arrives. The second realm occurs just before the sun reappears from the edge of the sky, after the darkest part of the night.
“Both are twilight moments—neither completely day nor completely night. It is during this time, the traditions suggest, that an opening occurs in which profound truths may be realized, deep healings may occur, and prayers have their greatest power." pages 91-92, SECRETS of the LOST MODE of PRAYER, Gregg Braden

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