Wednesday, September 12, 2012

tablet dances

a morning conversation
brought for those
of agnostic or atheist
 doubting persuasion..
an exploration of
stone tablet verses
so to experience
some secular 
everyday difference..

objections were tabled
citing limitations
much is left out..
that negative tone
we all know so well..
those shalt-nots
seem to prevail
in eight of the ten..

modern science
quite lately has
offered assistance..
producing a map
researching the brain..
two sides observed
left analytical with
 edges restricting
joined by right
expansive and present
 just out of sight..

left and right
might we say dancing..?
then to the tablets
with map in hand
left still speaks forthright..
but then a surprise
right is right there
in front of our eyes..
look once again
first in the listing
and once more 
see number four..

now we rely on our
newfound map
remembering the dance
those leftward shalt-nots
might others be named..?
each one is dancing
with a partner
one clearly not seen...

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