Sunday, June 3, 2012


Two antagonists
joined and evolving...
prevailing scarcity
far rarer abundance
a forked pattern
through millennial time

new century
visions holistic...
technology sightings
viewing through lenses
wholeness appearing in parts...
promises of science
now simply profound

clear water and plenty
hungry billions soon fed
innovations cropping from
the boisterous crowd...
standing robots astute
heavy labor performed...
global nervous system
growing and formed
by the web...
residue and waste becoming
power transformed...
optimism breaking long
history's confines

large and looming give pause...
the antagonists mentioned
are they soon to transform?
abundance and scarcity
new parents
new consciousness birthing...
awareness with awe
in one simple moment?

ancient spiritual light
is it now flowing
holographic vessels to fill?
what might the
newborn be named?
should she simply
be called... Enough?

this name also naming
a bright center glow...
daughter scarcity now
absorbed and lining
her abundant light...
new strength
new vision
a new fork
in our road?

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