Thursday, May 17, 2012

yucca spring

by charles coon

romantic callings
spanish bayonet
dagger plant
adams needles
jealously guarding
with expansive labor
a plant nurturing
most startling to find
new life
from adjoining steps in
unbroken broken ladder
rocks then plants
animals finally us

dedicated partnership
from  evolution's mist
simple pollen deliveries
flower unto flower
cells and eggs
carefully enjoined
in pistil cradle womb

symbiosis of light
awaiting birth of spring
plant and animal
mutually interrelating
and most hidden

might we extract
insight for our time
nurturing our awareness
expanding sacred ladder
one spiritual step 
recognizing now clearly
 ladder becoming whole
guarding still nurturing
welcoming spring light
emulating and repeating
a yucca mother's pattern
stupendous birthing
young yuccamoths
her amazing 
our enlightening

(with appreciation for genesis 2:15,
and for advice from a real life 
yucca momma)

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