Saturday, February 11, 2012


"Let the great soul incarnated in some woman's form, poor and sad and single, in some Dolly or Joan, go out to service, and sweep chambers and scour floors, and its effulgent daybeams cannot be muffled or hid, but to sweep and scour will instantly appear supreme and beautiful actions, the top and radiance of human life, and all people will get mops and brooms; until, lo! suddenly the great soul has enshrined itself in some other form, and done some other deed, and that is now the flower and head of all living nature."

---Ralph Waldo Emerson, Spiritual Laws

I attend an Emerson discussion group in Colorado Springs, and we are currently reading the "Spiritual Laws" essay from which the above is excerpted. The life force, or the Light, within the human being, and within the work being done, are on display!  Perspective is everything... When we place ourselves close to the mops and brooms, we probably feel drudgery and pain. Emerson allows us to see through the elevated perspective of the eyes of Dolly and Joan, and the Light appears. The Polarity view would say that both perspectives are necessary and that, in reality, one perspective does not exist without the other.  
Would Emerson agree?

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